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    Bikal Language **Updates and Language Lessons**


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    Bikal Language **Updates and Language Lessons** Empty Bikal Language **Updates and Language Lessons**

    Post  Llanu on Sun Jul 03, 2011 8:12 am

    Kaltxì (Veara)! I've already had a long discussion with Admin about this:
    Learning Bikal (My language) on Live Na'vi.

    I understand some of you might not be interested, but this is the best starting point I've gotten so far. My main moderator left and the site is dying. Nobody visits anymore; everybody lost a sudden interest in this new language.

    I created Bikal with my friend so we could talk to each other and nobody would know what we were saying. (Especially helps in the middle of class...you can't get in trouble if you're speaking babble!)
    So, I'm going to post the current Bikal dictionary. It's still in DEEP PROGRESS but I just wanted to share with all...43? of you what I've gotten so far. It's quite small yet but we're getting there! And this site doesn't allow PDF hosting, so I just copied and pasted :3

    Please post a reply if you are actually somewhat interested in helping out my dying language.

    English – Bikal Dictionary v 1.0

    This is the English – Bikal Language dictionary. Use it to your advantage and share it with others interested in the language. Letters in bold indicate the English world, while letters in italics indicate the Bikal equivalent. Inside the brackets (or these [ ]’s) are just pronunciation, nothing fancy.


    adj. = Adjective num. = number
    adp. = adposition v. = verb
    adv. = adverb prop. n. = proper noun
    conj. = conjunction prep. = preposition
    c.w. = compound word vim. = intransitive modal verb
    dem. = demonstrative vtrm. = transitive modal verb
    intj. = interjection
    inter. = interrogative
    n. = noun

    All vocabulary in this booklet is from the one person that made up this crazy language; she will remain unnamed.

    Certain Pronunciations
    If a word has a [si.lu], the [si] will be pronounced as the Spanish “Yes.”
    If a world has [ti.pah] the [pah] will be as “Pa,”.
    If anything ends with just an “i” it is an “ee” sound.


    about, to do with: [tie.yah] adp. taea
    add: [lee-oon] vtrm. lì’un
    adult: [ke.-pi.ma] n. Ke’pema
    agree: [si.si] v. cece
    aim (at something): [ko.roo.za] v. corusä
    air: [za] n. sa
    alive, living: [ka.ti.a] adj., n. kätiä
    all: [si.lu-pey] adv.
    allow: [blud-rah] v. bludria
    almost: [sin.may] vtrm. sìnmä
    and, connects two sentences: [ah] conj. A
    angry, to be angry: [stu.mp.il.i.’ta] vim. stumpili’ta
    animal, beast, creature: [kee.pee] n. kipi
    answer, response: [smi.ah] v. smiä
    apologize/Apologise: [kih.da] v. kìdä
    apology: [kih] n. kì


    back, in direction: [sin.tey] v. cinta
    back (of the body): [tey.sin] n. tacin
    back, in response: [la.-sun] v. läsun
    bad, used for humans: [he.kai.sah] n. hecaisa
    beauty, used for humans and scenery: [ca.ley] adj. cali
    blue: [ta.na] adj. tana
    bow, used for weaponry: [ak.mah] n. akma
    brother: [dah.dee.na] n. dadinah


    casual: [loo.ri.ah] adj. luria
    cat: [cow.er] n. caur

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    Bikal Language **Updates and Language Lessons** Empty Re: Bikal Language **Updates and Language Lessons**

    Post  Admin on Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:10 am

    Hm...I'll try to figure out a way to host PDFs, ok?


    Na'vi fya swey <3

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