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    Pandora [Story Only] Empty Pandora [Story Only]

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    Here is parts 1-4 of Pandora, my masterpiece. I've been working on it for a while now, and I will post each section every now-and-then.
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    Pandora [Story Only] Empty Part One: The Avatar Program

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    A couple of things:
    This is...a bit more than 10 years before Jake even shows up on Pandora. Instead of Tom, his brother, dying, though, I've decided that they were a bit older and Tom came to Pandora 'round the time the school house was being considered.

    Dear Reader,
    This, I wrote during my time with the Na'vi. I am no longer in contact with them, but I would like to share my every moment with them. It actually all started when I was 23, and I entered the Avatar/AVTR Program. I was ready for a new start on a new world, leaving the bogus sh*t on Earth behind. Everything you're about to read is a picture based on my video logs.

    Emily Embers
    Avatar Driver
    Scientist, PhD

    "Ah, Emily! I've been waiting for this day," I spun around,
    Dr. Grace Augustine coming towards me. She had a shock
    of dull, red, curly hair. She wore a bright white lab coat over
    a maroon shirt and tan pants.

    "Hello, Dr. Augustine," I said calmly, shaking my hero's hand.
    "Is she ready?" Grace smiled, and started towards a blue tank,
    with a female Na'vi clone floating on the inside.

    "She should be ready in a few days." I smiled and put my hand
    on the glass. "We just have a few questions, though," she murmured
    looking into the glass.

    A man with curly hair walked by, and gave Grace an orange clipbaord.
    "Thank you," she murmured. "Okay! So, on a scaled of 1-10, how healthy
    are you normally?" I curled my lips in. "A seven?" she nodded, writing something

    "Have you gotten your immunizations?" I nodded slowly. "Very good," she turned the page
    "Have you...," shot another question, then a "When was the last time you...," They all blurred through so quickly, I was glad to just plop into my bunk after it was all over. (Thank you Tsteu Nantang for the suggestion!)

    I sat up in the bunk, gasping. My chest had a strong pressure on it,
    making everything hurt.

    "You ok, up there?" I heard a male's voice float up, reaching my ears.
    "I can't this low gravity."

    I sighted and fell back, curling into the starch blanket.

    We were located in Hell's Gate, the dirtiest, most grubbiest place
    on Pandora.

    My team consisted of me, Kyle Row, Malie (Molly) Thomps, Thomas
    Sully, and Dylan Beck.

    And we all hoped to get into the forest by next week.

    The thin, metal wall next to me prickeled form the sound of rain
    hitting against it. I clenched my eyes shut and pulled the blanket
    over my head.

    "Just close your eyes, and imagine everything...as a blank sheet." instructed Tom; he brought down the first, full body link. (Can't understand myself there...)

    "Meet you in the training facility," he slammed down the cover,
    leaving me in a purple darkness.

    I started to feel extremely clausterphoic, and started to hyperventilate.

    Tom pounded on the cover. "Relax! You're fine!" He said.

    I stopped breathing, and closed my eyes, trying to force myself
    asleep. There was a rushing sound in my ears, as if I was standing
    underneath a waterfall.

    My entire body tingled; then went numb. I felt like my body was there

    "Emily?" I opened my eyes, expecting the darkness of the link bed, but
    instead, a blurry flourecent light flickered above.

    "Hey, there Emily. Can you hear me?" asked a male doctor, his voice
    echoing in my ears.

    I nodded as much as I could. The female doctor pulled out a flashlight
    and shone it into my eyes.

    "...is good," she mumbled, her voice like water. She looked up at the
    male doctor. "Can you sit up for us, Emily?"

    I pushed upwards, trying to sit up. I ended up shooting forward,
    my body still adjusting to everything.

    "Whoa, there!" said the male, putting a tiny hand on my shoulder.
    I laughed. "Still working on this, I guess," the female smiled.
    "You'll get the hang of it; just let us take you through some basic tests,
    and you'll figure it out." she left the table, and picked up a cliboard,
    thereafter leaving the room.

    The male held out his hands. "Ok, touch your fingers together...like this,"
    he touched all his fingers to his thumbs.

    I coped his tests, succeeding. "Very good!" he flexed an arm. "Try that."

    I repeated his action.

    "Ok, that's good, that's good! Can you turn your neck al lthe way, both
    ways?" I can.

    "Move your legs, please. Just a simple swing," I kicked the forward,
    hitting the doctor in the gut. "Oh, yep, mother control is good."
    He steadied himself. "How about we skip the other tests for now?
    Can you stand and walk around?" I put my hands on the table, bracing

    I stood up, starting to wobble. "That's ok, that's normal." he murmured,
    putting a hand on my back. "Steady yourself and-," my tail whipped forward, hitting
    a few monitors. "Whoa, ok! You'll need to learn to control that," he laguhed.
    I stepped forward, trying to balance.

    I started walking around the room, my legs starting to feel real.

    "Perfect. Let's get you dressed and in with the other drivers."

    "Aha, there she is!" Tommy said, turning towards me. The team all looked up as well,
    smiling. "the new body suits you!" I smiled, looking around the facility; there was
    a...hut? I guessed for the avatars to rest.

    An AMP suit lumbered down a dirth path, a female Avatar driver following

    There was a small field growing a purple and yellow fruit; some
    drivers were sitting at the edge, laughing, while eating said fruit.

    An armored, six legged, horse roamed around in a pasture, which was near
    a beautiful obstical course.

    Beyond everything, was a massive rainforest.

    I somehow found it hard to believe that...beyond the filth
    of the RDA, lay a beautiful, unseen world.

    "Hello?" tom put his hand on my arm. "Oh, sorry," I studdered, "Just
    observing the place."

    I pricked my ears and heard soft footsteps in the dirt behind me. I spun
    around, coming face-to-face with Dr. Augustine.

    "Ok," she began, clapping her hands. "We're going to have to work
    extra hard. The school plans are almost finished," Grace turned towards
    me, "The school is a project to teach our closest Na'vi tribe English."

    I nodded. "So, we're going to train on endurance, and learning about
    the Na'vi culture."

    She waved her hands. "Now, c'mon! Let's get to it!"

    Dylan, Tom, and I all bundled together, heading straight to the ob. course.

    Two days ago I was speculating the success of my Avatar...

    Now, I'm living it.

    "Hop up here," Dylan patted a narrow wooden beam. "You. Expect me. To walk across that?" He laughed. "No walk," he looked at the other end.


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    Na'vi fya swey <3

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    I applaud my lil' sister Avatard for writing such beautiful poems. See the most recent one here

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