A Na'vi RPG, and the easy way to escape to Pandora.

    Small fraction of my new novel...Will NOT be published.


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    Small fraction of my new novel...Will NOT be published.

    Post  Neytiri on Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:07 pm

    Here it is; the Na'vi is a bit iffy, but I did my best.


    Chapter 1

    “Rikx! Rikx!” Rompä held his ceremonial staff in the air, shooing Na’vi out of the burning village.
    Nì’huwasay, the Tsahik, came running out, carrying her daughter, Nestìa.
    “Hum! Run zongtseng!” Rompä screamed over the crowd. Na’vi rushed out of the fire, riding ikran, carrying bodies.
    Rompä prodded Na’vi with his staff, trying to hurry them. He looked into the sky, tawtute flying creatures circling the village. He saw the giant beast, a grizzly looking male glaring down at him.
    The human smiled. Colonel Richards turned to his pilot, eyes gleaming. “Nice work, boy. Let’s get out of here,” The pilot nodded. “Yessir.” He held out his hand to the other pilots, signaling the turn. He moved the wheel, the entire machine shifting to the right.
    Colonel Richards looked out the window, down at the savage’s leader. He put up his binoculars; the Na’vi hissed and took off, holding a sparkling female’s hand

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