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    How do you join?

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    How do you join? Empty How do you join?

    Post  Admin on Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:37 am

    To join, check your DVD case in which you got Avatar from. In my case, I was really sad that Avatar was over one night and was looking through the (Hallelujiah Blu-ray) case, and saw this piece of paper that said "The Hometree Initiative!". Your case SHOULD have one, but I'm not sure if you only applies to blu-rays, or it goes for all. There will be a special code on it, and you must go to www.avatarmovie.com and enter it, then you are officially part of the movement!
    You get three prizes:
    A virtual hometree for your desktop
    And two other things that I don't remember...I'm sorry...
    But they're pretty cool, and you get a tree planted in your name! How awesome is that? Smile Go on and join already!


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    How do you join? Projectnavi
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