A Na'vi RPG, and the easy way to escape to Pandora.

    Chapter One: The Omaticaya

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    Chapter One: The Omaticaya Empty Chapter One: The Omaticaya

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    "Nga yawne lu oer, ma Tibä'ä," I snuggles against my mate. He kissed my forehead, and mounted the pa'li.
    "Come with me, Mi'niri. we need to get out of here." I grabbed his hand and we flew the dying kelutral.
    It was being destroyed by the RDA, the tawtute, the skypeople.
    There was a loud boom, and we flew off the pa'li. the giant hexapedal horse flipped through the air and landed in fromt of us, dead.
    Tibä'ä and I stood up, trying to run, but another boom made us collapse. "Neytiri!" I turned and saw Jake Sully and Dr. Augustine bound to a stand.
    I came up once again and took Tibä'ä's hand and jumped over a root.
    There was another boom, and while in the air, I surged forward and landed on my head.
    Then, there was silence.
    There was a groaning sound. I looked up and saw my very home starting to lean towards me.
    I stood in awe, crying. Tibä'ä put his hand on her back. Then, Kelutral was gone.
    I toppled over, and the ground rippled beneath my feet.
    We went backwards, flying through the air. I landed on my stomach with a large, "Oof!"
    "Ma Tibä'ä! Ngaru lu fpom strak?" He shivered and sat up. "Oe ma nìltsan, irayo." he brushed his legs off and picked up his staff.
    "Ayoeng kä. There is nothing to see here," Tibä'ä picked me up. "I will try to find us a pa'li. Start towards any groups of na'vi you see."
    I wiped my tears and nodded to my mate. "Oe ary, ma Tibä'ä." I tied my bow around my chest and ran across the ruins. I crossed a river and into the actual tree, where bodies littered the ground.
    I strugged to hold back my tears. Then, I found a few na'vi circled around Mo'at.
    Neytiri was there, holding Eytukan's bow.
    Her body rocked everytime she let out a gush of tears. Mo'at sat on the ground. "We will need to gather all the surviving na'vi we can find. Then...we will go to the Tree of Souls. Eywa will protect us."
    Neytiri stopped crying and clutched the bow. "The skypeople will PAY for this." she murmured.
    "Mi'niri!" I turned and saw Tibä'ä coming towards us on a pa'li. "This is Tani," he said. "Ride with me." I climbed up behind him. "Where did Moa't say to go?" I gazed ahead of us. "The Tree of course." Tibä'ä urged Tani forward.
    We walked along slowly with the People. i looked around, and saw the damage. Hurt na'vi, a mother carrying her newborn baby, a mated pair limping along, never leaving each other's side. Stronger warriors lead their pa'li, which carried sleeping people. Or, knocked out, rather.
    I closed my eyes and hugged my mate.
    When I woke, the bright night surrounded me.
    We were riding towards a steep path, which lead to the Tree of Souls.
    Tibä'ä pulled Tani to the side and dismounted.
    "Ride down with them. I will try to help the others," he ran off into the thick crowd.
    I slid foward, making tsaheylu with Tani.
    "Dam dam, Tani. Makto ko." I whispered and went foward, galloping down the trail. When I reached the bottom, I jumped off and lead Tani to the edge of the Tree.
    Neytiri and Tsu'tey were sitting below, praying to Eywa.
    "Neytiri," I put my hand on the warrior's shoulder. "I am sorry to interrupt you. Oel ngati kameie, ma tsmuke."
    "Kaltxì, ma Mi'niri. Fyape lu nga?" she asked. I shrugged. "Oe ma nìltsan, irayo. But...there is something I must ask you."
    Neytiri stood up. "Srane?" I looked back. "What will we do?" Tsu'tey bared his teeth and spun around. "We will remain here until we can lead an attack. Understand?" I bit my lip and nodded. "Srane, ma eyktan."
    I walked away and sat on a rock.
    Another group of Na'vi came into the hollow. Mo'at was among them. I stood up and ran to her. "Mo'at!" I hugged the tsahik. "Greetings, ma Mi'niri."
    "I'm so scared...," I confessed. Mo'at sighed. "We all are." Neytiri called out to her mother. "I must go," she turned and walked over to her grief-stricken child.
    I stood at the bottom, searching for Tibä'ä.
    A familiar shape came dashing towards her.
    "Mi'niri!" He said, hugging her as hard as he could. "The damage is very bad. So many hurt!"
    I looked up at him. "I know...,"

    I jumped into the air, spun around, and whipped my bow across Tibä'ä's face.
    He fell back, holding him face. "Ow!" He laughed a bit. "You've certainly gotten better."
    I smiled. "I learned those from Tsu'tey." I picked up m ybow.
    "This one I taught him!" I jumped up, grabbed a branch and shot myself into the air. Tibä'ä looked around for me, confused.
    I feel on top of him, making him topple over, while I stayed balanced.
    I yanked on his queue and put a knife to it.
    "You're really getting good." he panted.
    I helped him up, grabbing his hand and hoisting him up.
    "We should get back, ma Tibä'ä." I said. "Srane," We climbed through the forest back to the Tree, where all the na'vi were singing.
    I sat at the far back, attaching our queues into the small tendrils on Eywa's roots.
    I joine din, my voice lud against the otehrs.
    There was a pause, and another song began..
    When this one finished, a small group of Omaticaya Na'vi popped over the side.
    The carried a yerik in their arms.
    The rest of the clan stood up, ready for their first meal n a day.
    Tsu'tey and a few other warriors cut into the rich meat, then into small pieces.
    I crouched next to Ninat, who was humming, "Oe ma txur tirea".
    She passed a large leaf holding the yerik meat.
    I passed it onto Tibä'ä. The meat steamed in my hands. I picked one up and bit into the juicy flavor.
    I ate three moer pieces, then sotd up to find somethign to drink.
    I mounted Tani and walked a small bit, until I found a river.
    The 'ali bent down and sipped in a fulp of water. I jumped down and cupped my hands, filling them with the cold liquid.
    I sipped it, my mouth no longer dry. Then, I stepped into the water, chasing fish.
    The splashed into the air, and I tried to brab it, but missed.
    "Having fun?" I perked my ears. "Who said that?"
    There was a laugh. "It's me. Surrean." The na'vi jumped down from a low cliff and into the water .
    "Oh, yes. You." surrean walked over to me. He looked down into the water and kicked at a fish.
    "What do you need?" I asked. "I was flying my ikran when I saw you down here." I looked at the sky. The sun was ready to set for good.
    "How di dyou see me?" He walekd to teh deepest part of the water, where it was up to his waist.
    "I was flying low. Hunting." I nodded. The sun dipped on the horizon, and th enight slowly started to glow.
    The water glowed a bright blue and green.
    "Up for a swin?" He asked. I smiled.
    "Ok. Why not?" he laughed and dived in.
    I joined him, opening my eyes in the clear water. I saw Surrean ahead, paddling along slowly.
    I bobbed up, took a gulp of air, and dived back down.
    The river grass was like the sun. I put my hands down adnwatched it light up brighter each time I touched it.
    I sawn after Surrean. he went above water, then back down. He turned himself around.
    We both went above, me gasping for air.
    "Tibä'ä is probably searching for me." I said. Surrean smiled. "Let him worry. This is fun."
    He dived under again.
    I followed, but couldn't find him. All i could see was purple grass and green river flowers.
    There was a tap on my shoulder, and i saw Surrean. He wved his hand, signaling me to follow him.
    He swan up, then back down and went past a drop off.
    We swam to the surface, my lungs screaming for air.
    He pointed to th right, where a metal demon was.
    There was a flying beast, three more demon skins, tawtute riding animals, and one very, very large one in the middle.

    "This is what they have done to our beautiful waters, Mi'niri." He looked into the water .
    "I...I'm..going back to the Tree," I pulled myself out of the water and ran alon the bank, lookin for Tani.
    I didn't realize how far we had swam...
    Poor Tibä'ä...he must be worried. I mounted Tani and rode back as fast as we could go.

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    Chapter One: The Omaticaya Empty Re: Chapter One: The Omaticaya

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    I like it! Please post the second chapter soon!

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