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    What is the Na'vi Project?

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    What is the Na'vi Project? Empty What is the Na'vi Project?

    Post  Admin on Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:46 am

    The Na'vi Project currently consists of 8 people: Me, and my 7 closest friends.
    The project is basically to get into the wilderness and experience the Na'vi lifestyle first hand. We are currently discussing new parts of the project, such as:
    1. The Kelutral Operation: Proposing energy laws and forestry devastation
    2. The TS (Teacher, Student) Organization: Big brother, big sisterly like organization. Local.

    So, if you wish to learn more about these initiatives, please contact me at freakishlyblue@skxawng.lu
    Back onto topic, the Na'vi Project promotes wilderness survival and wilderness restoration. The main goal is to give people a taste of life OUTSIDE the technology enriched world of today. The wilderness restoration half, is everytime you go on a "Na'vi Trip" you plant three trees. Doesn't matter if its a sapling or a seed, just plant three trees. Plant them legally, of course!
    If you would like to join, please send me an E-mail.


    Na'vi fya swey <3

    What is the Na'vi Project? Projectnavi
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